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Call for submissions: ISSUE 7 "Vanity"


It's been 2 years since our last PRINT issue!!!

But the rumours are true, we are back. 2021 was a busy and chaotic year - both experimentation and rest were needed. And that's exactly what we did. But as 2022 progresses and marks our 5th year of existence, it's time for another sweet-thang issue in physical form. Please note: this is separate from submitting your work to our online blog. There is no deadline or theme for online submissions and we accept them on a rolling basis. Please see here for online submissions.

The theme for issue 7 is Vanity. As an interesting and provocative topic, I think this issue is going to be wildly creative and exciting. You are free to interpret this however you want, but here is some inspo for you (Swipe) -->

I hope this list sparks something in you, fellow reader. Issue 7 is going to be iconic! There will also be a launch party in the summer, where the dress code will be "whatever you feel your best self in", so keep that first week of June free y'all!

How to submit:

Disclaimer: It (hopefully) goes without saying but, to submit, you must be a Black woman/femme/non-binary Black person - not POC, not "politically black." sweet-thang is a space for/by us. Please do not email us if you do not belong to these groups & respect the space that this is. Thanks <3

  1. Send your work to:

  2. Subject line (very important!) "Submission Issue 7"

  3. Our target audience/readership tend to be between18-34 years old, but you can be any age over 18!

  4. Include your name/social handles or website/pronouns/location (you can be from anywhere in the world)

  5. Attach your work to the email and tell us why you think it's a great fit for us

  6. Wait to hear back


Submitting written work to us?

Submitting visual art to us?

D E A D L I N E: 3 0TH O F MAY 2 0 2 2.

Send all submissions to

Looking forward to seeing your work!

Lots of love, Zoe xo

(editor and founder)

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