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Eve, a retelling

I don't know where she is taking me,

We are charting boats and crossing seas

Pitter Patter boom


& inside out

The rain tickles my eyes

She says this is no laughing matter

The sun won’t come up Unless we lift it

The oceans and green were all just scenery

Razors for hands she is taking them down

Fire for eyes she’s keeping us warm

Heart is all she’s got and she is putting it in

Her back heaving

My eyes stinging

Scream she says

Do it now

The potion won’t work if it ends in a frown

She wants me to see it all

She turned around and watched me fall

Says we are running out of time

Says it won’t make sense if I’m stuck on the ground

So up we go

Moon scenes

Sky screams

Dust clears

She says we won’t die here

Dazed and confused

I trust her vision

Blurry as it may be

She reminds me of Me

She says it before I can

You're going to have to scream

Let it go

lose your mind and just


Run the air, stare and flare

love just scream

Yes, you were always more

then somebody’s dream

The lighting won’t come without my cry

I do it then

Pitter patter boom

We’ve fallen from the moon

I focus on my breathing

Scream, ending with a frown

Nowhere to be seen, I hear her loud and wild

“You have been running away from me lately

And that makes me proud

Just know I do not chase

Too busy running around with me.”

Split Screen

I keep getting advice from women who don’t know what it means to be my kind of pretty

My type of waist

My bust size

Talking about throwing away my time

for men

Who will want to look at and hold me so much that they’ll always think about failing me alive

Knowing good and well my image will still burn in the back of their eyes

Pretty like me doesn’t die

Just like their beloved men

At the very least

These women demand to see me cry

They can’t be me so they fantasize

My kind pretty

My type waist

My bust size

The damage I could do

With the twinkle in my eyes

They project over my voice too

Talking about how a moan and a groan will have him fall to his knees

When I don’t want him anywhere near the paths I’m blazing

Pulling at my ankles

Talking about forever and other demented daydreams

I am too 'me' to not talk over you

And if I’m quiet I’m probably somewhere else or wishing you could die to it all too

Every morning I wake up and pray the good lord takes you

Knowing good and well that’s my job

All that fate has trained me to do

Sometimes I sympathize but

This death really becomes you

You're a good sport, always helping out

Lighting yourself on fire

Surprised when I don’t put out

Oh, you were screaming?

I was too busy enjoying the music

That you should be so lucky to get to know me

I am woman

Bone of my bones

Flesh of my flesh

Just the rib to sum up all the good

That was taken out of man

We all know the story

In the middle of the garden

God told you not to Touch

or eat the fruit or you will surely die

Your limitation

Said nothing about what I couldn’t do

I ate the fruit

Immediately gained the wisdom

And without hesitation

Knew that all we planned was your demise

Even God wasn’t satisfied

But now I’m supposed to see eternity when you look me in the eyes


will you ever get there?


My kind of pretty

My type of waist

My bust size

Slytherin through

Eve, they once called me

Mother of all the living

Only upon your perpetual death

Could God finally say “man has now become like one of us,

knowing good and evil, he must not be allowed to reach out his hand and also take from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.”

Did you hear what your God said about me?

I am the us

I am the we

Call me Eve

Mother of all

My kind pretty

My type waist

My bust size

That you should be so lucky to ever get to know


Bone of God’s bones

Flesh of God’s flesh

Bone of my bone

Flesh of my flesh

Just the rib to sum up all the good

That was taken out of man

Man who must die

The only being God sought to kill

Conspired with herself

You dirtied up her breed

Had to put you down

dust you off

Expand on the positives

Make themselves whole again

Make a girl like me

And then once more

For There were three

Our kind of pretty

Our type of waist

Our bust size

That you should be so lucky


The best of everything you could ever hope to be

But You shouldn’t look at us that way

We don’t have time to kill you today

Your gonna have to find someone else’s life to borrow

Banished from the garden

Working the ground from which you were taken

Placed off centre

Your body, through many a flaming sword

Is what it’s going to take for you

to get to a girl like me

My tree of life

My kind pretty

My type waist

My bust size

That you should be so lucky is comical, given these biblical times

We are not girls prone to sacrifice

Remember that next time you dare look me in the eyes.

Written by Vanessa A. A
Vanessa is a dancer and storyteller who enjoys stories of women behaving “badly,” in ways big and small. Insta:

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