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Glittery Infinity - a poem by Wumi Amokeodo

"Now's the time / To feel forever / Before infinity expires" #sweetthangarchives

I want big

I want the world to dizzy me

Into orbit with my glitzy ditzy disco ball brain

I want sexy

Don't care if it's wrong just serve it hot

Now's the time

To feel forever

Before infinity expires

My pretty head will never stop spinning


My empty gut tingles thinking of the hugeness

If I'm just a speck on the face of it

I wanna be a fucking fabulous one

I am sparkly head to toe and inside out

The butterflies in my stomach are bedazzled

I don't need facts I need feelings

I eat sequins for breakfast

I like my taxis quick

And my friends naked

My pretty head will never stop spinning


Galvanise my ripe body in glitter

And soak in adrenaline

Water me with momentum

Twist and writhe and spread

Gyrate against the giant penis of potential

Opportunity will fuck me fuck me fuck me

And come, with endless possibility

My endless time: it oozes deliciously

My wallet may be empty

But I am the money

So romanticize and roll

In dollar-shop gold

It’s sexy

So I want it now

It's sexy

So I want it now

Nobody can get enough

Until they've had enough

My pretty head will never stop spinning


This kinda joy is my decade-long-Christmas

Come join my jolly party!

When it snows coke

And the candy canes are laced

Santa's arse looks tight

In his velvet red booty shorts

I want my pupils to dilate 'til they turn into plastic rhinestones

My fickle heart, it falls like confetti

My confetti heart, it flakes like cheap eyeshadow

My mascara runs from my eyes and floods all down my body like a sad and sexy waterfall

Its wetness loosens my limbs and I dance harder

My glowing skin, it's smooth: my untainted glossy finish.

Touch mine and I'll touch yours

My pretty head will never stop spinning


One day it'll be 5am and if you don't wanna leave the bouncers will kick you in your wrinkly face.

The morning birds will peck you like hawks to rotting mutton

My pretty head will never stop spinning

Until it finds a fixed point on the dance floor

When you leave the strobe lights and fade to grey

You'll always pine

For a shimmering slice of me

As a reminiscent souvenir

Haunting and sweet in memory

With notes of sexy regret

A nostalgia I'm not yet ready to meet

Every once in a grey moon

When you walk through your brick house,

Under energy-saving light bulbs

And sturdy, quiet walls

You will find a winking dot of glitter

Clinging stubborn to the sole of your beige lambskin slippers

Wink back,

And remember when there was enough of that stuff to fill your bath.


Wumi is a writer and model from London who has been living in New Zealand for the past 5 years, and is now living in her suitcase as she travels Europe. She likes quiet mornings, Latin dancing and thrift shop bargains. She loves playing with rich imagery, soundscape and song. See what she's up to @wumi.amokeodo

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