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submit your work to us!

*We are currently closed for submissions for our online blog! Thanks for understanding!* Updated September 2023.

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sweet-thang has always been a submission-run zine, both in print and online. This means that you submit your work to us on a volunteer basis. As we start to gain more agency and receive funding (which isn't easy!) we are confident in our goal to be able to pay our contributors one day.

sweet-thang's online blog is a creative space, rather than a news-based editorial. We publish written work in the form of poetry, creative writing (short or long-form), and creative first-person essays about any art form or concept (books, philosophy, academia, music, fine art)

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We’re looking for pitches (ideas for work you want to submit) and pre-made works of writing, photography and visual art that uplift, comfort, heal, and excite our community of Black folks, prioritising women, femmes, gender nonconforming and non-binary people.

Things we do not publish:

We don't feature, promote or cover musicians, artists or event releases. We do not write articles for these purposes - whoever is submitting is expected to be the one writing the article/creating the artwork. 

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We are always looking for written pieces for our online blog! (No deadline, it is ongoing)

Before sending us a fully written piece, send us a pitch. It should feature a summary of the content of the written piece you want to write. It should also detail why this piece is a great fit for sweet-thang. It must not have been published in a magazine, platform, or project previously. 

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Visual pitches (photography/ artwork/collages/images) should be the same - send us a few sentences about what it is you want to create and why. Feel free to send us a mood board of photos that express what type of work it will be so that we can decipher whether it's a perfect fit for sweet-thang's aesthetic. We love DIY collage cutouts, scans of writing, and film photos. Look at our Instagram or blog to see the types of visuals we like!

Please send ALL submission-related info to <3

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