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sweet-thang is an independent print zine and arts platform featuring work by Black artists of marginalised genders. We aim to foster a creative space for women, femmes, GNC people and non-binary folks. We focus on themes of resistance, healing and free artistic expression. This is a space for joy, in whatever way that manifests. We want sweet-thang to be a tool and resource for self-empowerment!

I created sweet-thang at the end of 2016 because I wanted to see more people like me in the DIY publishing industry, where representation has lacked in the past. I am inspired by the history of zines: their non-traditional and anti-authority messages, their dedication to supporting underground and under-represented voices. Zines can be spontaneous and messy, and within that, they "redistribute power to those that make them" (perfectly put by Lu Williams @ Grrrl Zine Fair). Zines and niche publications have a lot of force and significance in our world, and sweet-thang was definitely born out of the desire to reflect that.

sweet-thang will provide you with beautiful poetry, thought-provoking essays and amazing visuals surrounding any theme and will generally just be a sweet lil' publication for all to enjoy! 

We also have a podcast! SWEET STUFF can be streamed on Spotify. Tune in every now and then for interesting conversation, Black joy, healing energy, laughter, radical ideas, stories and art as activism into the digital eras and beyond. 🎧

Want to submit your work to us? Check out our submissions page and keep up to date on our Instagram to find out about opportunities and upcoming issues!

At sweet-thang we strive to be inclusive, representative and honest, and using language that reflects this is very important to us! We acknowledge that language evolves and that while language often fails us, we have to evolve with it too. Thank you for supporting us on this journey!

Zoe Thompson ❤

editor and founder 

gif of front covers of previous issues
what we are here for

pictured: issues 1 - 6


founder & editor in chief
~ FATIMA Sheekhuna ~
Naomi Gennery.jpg

Fatima is a poet, creative and writer - focusing on music, politics and pop culture. Their work has featured in gal dem, Black Ballad and New Wave Magazine. Based in London, Fatima has a deep endearment for SZA, french toast and nature documentaries. (she/they)

IG: @silkylurv

Naomi is a Bristol based Graphic Designer & Illustrator,  who loves collage, zines, diy culture and crafts.  She likes to take on serious subjects with a playful touch using type, bold colours and scribbly illustrations throughout out her work.  When she's not making something she's vibing to one of her many many spotify playlists ✨ (she/her)

IG: nn.aa.ii

Zoe is a London-based creative. She loves to blog, daydream and to document life in messy and unconventional ways, and is inspired by zine culture, the DIY revolution and Black liberationist politics. As a former student of literature and French, she loves reading and communicating with people and is dedicated to decolonising the art world through people-power and collaboration. (she/her)

IG: cosmic.grrrl

~ home Hayward ~

Home is a budding writer and abolitionist. They’re super interested in models of queer friendship, the role of magic in anti-colonial satirical literature, and Black coming-of-age stories! (they/them)

IG: @blackqueerbinoculars

fez & holly FROM
staff writers

Holly is a queer Virgo who does academic research and support work in London. She likes cooking vegan food, playing Sims 4, reading and listening to Motown love songs. Holly's interests are Race, Sexuality and Intersectionality. She is the co-creator of SHY Collective! SHY COLLECTIVE is about reframing knowledge, making it accessible and JOYFUL. (she/her)

Fez is a Brighton based academic whose scholarship area focuses on coloniality and marginalisation within British higher education. She is a Cancer and loves listening to sad Neo-Soul, reading and crocheting. Her interests lie in social/climate justice and fashion activism. She is the co-creator of SHY Collective! The SHY COLLECTIVE to her is intersectional, transformative and radical. 

IG: @shy_collective

~ SHANAY Neusum-James ~

Shanay Neusum-James is an actress, writer and theatre-maker based in South London. She is an alumna of the BBC Words First Scheme, the Obsidian Foundation Black Poets Retreat and the Roundhouse Poetry Collective. Her work explores blackness, queerness and mental health. Shanay is currently directing Reece Lyons in her one-woman show, LILITH. She likes drinking ginger beer and rum and watching old Nina Simone interviews. (she/her)

IG: @blkdorothy

~ MAYA campbell ~

Maya is a South London based visual artist and writer who draws inspiration from femininity, nature and her dual cultural heritage. She is currently studying Photography at London College of Communication and running an online bookshop (@prajnabookshop) with her partner. Maya is presently researching the ancient practice of mask making, particularly the fetishisation within the African mask market and writing her dissertation on black feminist performance artists of the 60s, 70s and 80s. (she/her)

IG: @mayajcampbell

~ maureen D'Almeida ~

An opinionated and talkative black girl who sometimes finds it easier to communicate through writing. Currently studying Fashion Journalism, but uncertain of where life will take her next. If Maureen is not watching Korean dramas, find her watching videos on how to tame her afro on YouTube. (she/her)

IG: @yakuzumalifestyle

Are you a creative writer/poet and want to join sweet-thang's team? Get in touch by sending us an email to: about becoming a staff writer! 


Want to just submit something to our blog? Check out our submissions page! <3

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