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About + meet the team!

sweet-thang zine is a print zine and independent press publishing work by Black creatives worldwide.

We publish zines that uplift, archive and advocate for the voices of Black folks, particularly fostering a space for women, queer and trans folks. We want our publications to be written collaboratively with artists from all around the world who share a love and interest in the practices of zine culture, radical publishing and art as activism. We also deliver zine-making workshops to facilitate collective making, build manifestos, and learn about the history of zines and creation through an accessible, anti-mainstream lens.

Our press publishes works from our community all year round: poetry collections, anthologies, photobooks, essays, pamphlets and more! The ethos of our press is to spotlight writers and artists who don't have the resources or platforms to get their work to the masses. Our publications will ask questions about how we can reimagine new worlds. sweet-thang press is all about community. We provide tools, events and vibes! 

At sweet-thang, we strive to be inclusive, representative and honest, and using language that reflects this is very important to us! We acknowledge that language evolves and that while language often fails us, we have to evolve with it too. Thank you for supporting us on this journey!

Zoe Thompson ❤

editor and founder 

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Zoe (she/her) is a London-based writer, workshop host, and zine artist.


She loves to write poetry, daydream and learn new languages. She is inspired by zine culture, the DIY revolution and Black liberationist politics.



IG: @cosmic.grrrl

~ melody triumph ~

Creative Assistant

Melody Triumph (she/her) is a writer and educator based in Kent and London. Her writing has appeared in Black Ballad and Female Music Focus. Melody has recently published her educational children’s book Places: Important Sites in Black British History in collaboration with The Black Curriculum and DK Publishing.


As an educator, Melody specialises in communication, health and wellness. Melody has experience in creating and delivering online and in-person impactful workshops for both children and adults. She has delivered in a variety of educational environments such as primary and secondary classrooms, universities, community centres, businesses and museums.

IG: @melody.triumph




Want to collaborate? Pop an email to and we'll get back to you! ❤


*Please note, we are not accepting submissions at this time*


Find us in one of the coolest cities 👇🏿

Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Spui 14-16, 1012 XA



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Logo designed by Fiona Quadri

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